Rhonda Lesinski is the Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Management at Del Monte Foods. In her role, Rhonda is responsible for management of the Company’s $1.6B retail business, innovation, marketing research and marketing services. A few months ago, the Company transitioned to new ownership and new management, so she is enjoying the challenge of realigning her team’s skills and priorities to deliver against a newly formed (and still evolving!) company vision. She is an experienced general manager and strategic marketer who has extensive expertise in developing corporate and brand level profit-expanding strategies through internal development, resource optimization, external acquisition and restructuring.
Prior to her current role, Rhonda spent several years in Strategy and Corporate Development at Del Monte at a very exciting time for Del Monte. She was a key member of the deal team responsible for transitioning the Company from a publicly traded enterprise into a private equity-owned company and, three years later, leading the strategic split into consumer food (Del Monte Foods, Inc.) and pet food (Big Heart Pet Brands).

Rhonda started her general management career at Clorox, where she learned brand management fundamentals and gained a strong appreciation of the multi-faceted decision making necessary when running a business.

Rhonda lives in San Francisco with her husband and two elementary-aged children. She escapes to Tahoe and Napa as often as possible and spends her free time in San Francisco frequenting kid’s attractions, hitting the gym and volunteering at school.