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Benefit from AWE’s highly experiential and practical sessions customized to meet your needs.

Professional Branding

Understand the importance of branding, explore your professional brand and create an aspirational, actionable brand statement

Elevator Pitch

Create strong first impressions with a unique elevator pitch, and learn how to read the room

Art of Networking

Advance your career by becoming an expert at networking and expanding your connections

Mentors & Sponsors

Gain insight, wisdom and action steps to actively seek out and develop mentors and sponsors, and learn what sets them apart

Executive Presence

Develop your executive presence by learning the factors that encompass this elusive term – from communication to appearance to gravitas – and practice easy ways to change perception and bias

Confidence & Resilience

Build confidence and rise to meet challenges with simple tactics and communication exercises, and discover opportunities to shift your behavior and mindset

Managing Up & Managing Down

Learn the art and science of managing any professional relationship, from boss to co-worker to employee

Negotiation Skills

Change the trajectory of your growth potential with negotiation skills, and understand behavioral differences that may lead to bias

Career Acumen

Learn the steps to successfully managing your career – from the first day in a position to the last

Feedback in Corporate Culture

Giving and receiving feedback are rarely considered the fun part of a job. Learn how it can be a rewarding aspect of any role if managed effectively

Speaking Engagements

From keynote talks to moderating panels to participating in podcasts and events, we can support your speaker requests through the AWE team and clients network