Our Team

Alexandra Riggs

I am an extraverted book worm, passionate about building bridges between people and cultures, and a dynamic communicator. 

Amy Kan

I am a peace-loving feminist, corporate culture vulture and traveling foodie.  

Brandon Maslan

I am an impassioned leadership coach, female executive advocate, and inspiring brand builder.

Bree Riley

I am an intersectional feminist, strategic communicator, curious conversationalist, and amateur brewmaster who loves snail mail.

Clio Sherman

I am a thrifty creative and intersectional feminist who loves to use art to connect with and empower those around me. 

Françoise Meyer

I am a big picture thinker who thrives in building community and managing projects from start to finish. I have a deep commitment to serving those around me, and I love to travel. My life goal is to visit every country in the world. 

Grace Kim

I am an empathetic humanitarian, passionate and curious about all cultures, and a people connector. 

Isabella Azarin

I am a compassionate community builder and entrepreneur dedicated to creating sustainable solutions through advancing the positive role of business in society.

Jacqueline MacDonald

I am an intuitive communicator, creative strategist, and I love expanding my horizons.

Jameelah Nuriddin

I am a wild storm of innovation, an eclectic creator, a champion of women, and an educator who draws out authenticity and passion.

Jiean Park

I am an authentic listener, a disciplined executor and I possess a confident humility when it comes to fighting for what I believe in.

Karen Lew

I am a V1/V2 rock climber, a lover of all things philosophy, diaspora, and design, and a big-believer in the process for social change. 

Kelly Ceynowa

My cackling laughter is evenly matched with a quiet whir of ideation and plan-harvesting. I will rise and lift you up while I climb. 

Megan Mulhall

I am a multicultural business leader, global citizen, and mom to Mia and June.

Tamara Katoni

I am a poodle enthusiast, a big-picture strategist, and a builder of spaces that value and amplify the voices of women.

Yael Utt

I love catalyzing more women into leadership, hearing and learning from people’s stories and if it wasn’t for my 3 sons who are actually (mostly) fun and cute, I would spend all my free time reading Twitter.

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