AWE Challenge Member Testimonial

MonthlyChallengeWe love member testimonials, especially those about our AWE Monthly Challenges. Each month we empower our members to take on a new perspective, incorporate behavioral changes into their day-to-day routine, and think outside of the box. Following are testimonials from two AWE members:
“The “stop saying guys” has had such a big impact. I did not realize how much I say it, whether in my professional life or personal until I was consciously thinking about it…. and now stopped using it. Thanks for the challenges. They are fun and create a positive impact on both my life as well as others.” – AWE New York Member, Elisa Wyman, VP, Global Total Rewards & HRIS at Sealed Air Corporation

“I want to send you a quick note to say how much I appreciate your monthly challenge emails.  They are fun and interesting, and more importantly, provocative and relevant.  Keep them coming.  They always make me think and I love it!” – AWE Silicon Valley Member, Tracy Ting, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Affymetrix



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