Lisa-Lambert Photo 2014Lisa Lambert is a vice-president of Intel Capital and managing director focused on Software & Services investments. Lisa is a voting member of Intel Capital’s investment committee. Lisa joined Intel Capital in 1999. Prior to that, she held a product marketing management position with Intel’s Desktop Products Group with responsibility for the Pentium II, III processor family.
Prior to joining Intel, Lisa worked as a software engineer and in senior roles in strategic planning, product marketing, and sales at Owens-Corning. Lisa is on the board of directors for X+1 Solutions and Silkroad Technology, and she is a board observer for CollabNet, Zend Technologies, and VCE, LLC. Lisa has invested in and managed exits from VMware (IPO), MySQL (acquired by Sun), Endeca (acquired by Oracle), DATAllegro (acquired by Microsoft), JBoss (acquired by Red Hat), Financial Engines (IPO), Gaikai (acquired by Sony), DynamicOps (acquired by VMware), Accertify (acquired by AMEX), OpenFeint (acquired by Gree), Jajah (acquired by Telefonica), Kingsoft (IPO), Enjoyor (IPO), Tobesoft (IPO), Perceptive Pixel (acquired by Microsoft), Joulex (acquired by CISCO), and CPower (acquired by Constellation Energy), to name a few.

Lisa is founder and executive director of UPWARD, a professional non-profit organization focused on accelerating careers of senior professional women.

Lisa has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BS/MIS from Pennsylvania State University.