Photo of Colleen Kapase

Colleen Kapase

Former Vice President, Go To Market Strategy, VMware

Collen Kapase is Vice President, Go To Market Strategy at VMware. Colleen has been with VMware for seven years and has been involved with launching deal registration at VMware, transforming the formerly VIP partner program to the improved VMware Partner Network and most recently is accountable for training over 200,000 individuals world-wide on VMware. 

Prior to joining VMware, Colleen was at Citrix for five years at their Florida headquarters. She worked her way to Director of Channel Programs at Citrix, and worked on assignments for a year each at the Asia Pacific headquarters and Europe, the Middle East and Africa headquarters. 

After Collen graduated from University of Washington, Foster School of Business Administration, she joined a boutique channel consulting organization, MSI Consulting, based in Seattle, as an analyst. 

Colleen enjoys carpooling into work with her husband who is the Sr. Director of the Cisco Alliance at VMware, and interestingly both met while working at Citrix. Their Seattle wedding ceremony seating didn’t have a bride or grooms side, but rather a Citrix or VMware side. Their family has virtualized two wonderful sons; however load balancing capacity seems to be decreasing instead of increasing.  They are looking forward to deploying more management technology to see if this helps with family performance.

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