Photo of Brianne Weingarten

Brianne Weingarten

Head of Licensing and Business Development, Alliance Management, Purdue Pharma

Brianne Weingarten is the Head of Licensing and Business Development, Alliance Management at Purdue Pharma. Brianne and her team are responsible for managing all alliance partners in support of global drug development and business growth. A pharmaceutical executive with almost 30 years of experience at Purdue, she is currently responsible for business development evaluations for new products resulting in external collaborations, partnerships and licensing.

She has managed complex Rx drug development programs and teams to obtain New Drug Approvals and market launch of several opioid and non-opioid analgesics, antibiotics and insomnia products, in both adults and pediatric populations. She has held numerous roles during her tenure including pharmacokinetics, project management, alliance management, research operations as well as developing a commercial strategy to address the needs of Health Systems. In 2015, Brianne also held a leadership position with SavantIP, a start-up intellectual property strategic licensing company and spin off business unit from Purdue.

Brianne currently serves on the Board of New York Pharma Forum. She earned an Master of Science degree in Pharmacology from New York Medical College and is the author of many scientific publications.

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