AWE is a mission-driven training and development company that creates equity and economic growth in the workplace.

About AWE

AWE services include coaching, onsite training, and networking to over 1500 professionals and annually trains over 25,000 employees at client companies. AWE is a results-driven organization with 27% of clients being promoted or getting onto public company boards in 2018.

AWE is the premier business service for the advancement of executive women. AWE members have the common goal of learning, growing, partnering, supporting, and promoting each other through training and professional development. Our vision is to be the most valuable resource to corporate executives for career advancement and for companies to support and promote their women executives.


Membership to AWE is by invitation only and is company-sponsored. Senior executives working in VP-level and above corporate roles in Finance, Sales & Marketing, IT, Legal, HR, and Operations are eligible for our Leader Program, while those women who are rising stars in manager to senior director level positions should join AWE Accelerator . AWE is a service professional-free membership and adheres to a strict policy against marketing or commercial activity.


Through one-on-one coaching with our executive coaches, members will work to fine-tune their executive presence, career advancement, and personal development.


Our coaches will also lead a skill-based on-site AWE Training Session to drive individual and company-wide growth.


AWE is home to a robust network of executive and like-minded peers. Join us for member-only private events with curated conversation and supporting women helmed restaurants.


AWE Leader

As an AWE Leader, we will customize your program with services to help you invest in yourself, your team, and your company. We guide you through support, encourage you to expand, and nurture deep, rich connection.

AWE Accelerator

As an AWE Accelerator, you’ll join a cohort-based professional development course for manager to senior director level women. We work together to improve your executive presence, articulate your career path aspirations, and to accelerate your career.


"I’m speaking on behalf of everyone when I say that the training session this morning was fantastic and the time spent was a worthwhile investment in ourselves." FICO

"AWE continues to lead thought-provoking dialogue on topics relating to female leadership. Thanks for a great dinner and for providing us a forum to make meaningful connections as women facing similar opportunities and challenges in our roles!" USGA

"I wanted to pass along some feedback that my first coaching call was wonderful. I felt my coach was not only truly listening, but responded with thought-provoking questions, insights and generally helped me think to organize my thoughts on a current issue. She managed the conversation and I so appreciated that." The New York Times


Karen Pascoe

Senior Vice President, Digital Payment and Labs, Mastercard

Karen is the Senior Vice President, Experience Design for Digital Payments & Labs at Mastercard, leading the design of key consumer and customer-facing experiences in Mastercard’s broader transition to digital. She is also leading the design of third party developer tools, to bring MasterCard capabilities to a broader set of commerce and money movement innovations ..continue reading?

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