SMRUTI PATEL dreams of a world where each of us operates at our highest potential and her purpose is to help leaders and teams generate practical insights, increase their effectiveness and achieve exceptional results. As a seasoned leadership coach with a career spanning consulting and law, Smruti brings a unique combination of intellectual rigor, keen business acumen and practical experience. She is trusted for her discretion, mature judgment and tact. Smruti’s perspectives are drawn from her whole self which include a diversity of work experiences across five continents, an international upbringing and education plus a love for learning. Her specialty lies in influencing without authority, conflict coaching and navigating the professional landscape especially, inter-personal dynamics within teams and peers. Smruti’s client list includes CEOs, executives, lawyers and entrepreneurs from across industries in the USA, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Smruti has delivered over 1,000 hours of leadership coaching and holds the ICF’s second highest PCC accreditation. She holds a Masters in Law from Georgetown University, grew up and was educated in both the U.K. and Kenya.