Karen is an architect of culture. She ties in long-term goals and “big-picture” ideas into everyday processes to create experiences for genuine connections and collaboration. Led by her experience in community organizing in the non-profit world and her data-driven research background, she currently acts as the Accelerator Success Coordinator at AWE. Passionate about the real and scalable effects of L&D along with DEI in the workplace, she currently designs experiences for AWE’s Accelerator Program for mid-level women across the Fortune 500.

Karen’s career follows a narrative and trajectory of creating spaces for marginalized folks in academic institutions, nonprofits and now corporate spaces. Radicalized by her experience living in diaspora and her education at Wellesley College, Karen enjoys making connections between systems and daily life with her formative B.A. in Economics and unofficial study of critical race theory. A big believer in the process for social change and the tenants of transformative justice, she invests her time studying good social systems and designs along with the importance of form meeting function in everyday interactions.

Outside of work hours, you can find Karen trying to level up from a V1 to a V2 rock climber, talking about her love for Danish designs and tuning into Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers’ “Las Culturistas” podcast for culture updates. Moreover, in her free time she enjoys reading existential philosophy, studying linguistics and languages and doing impersonations of pop culture personalities.