Jiean is an operational leader with an expertise in people and finance. She is charged with attracting and recruiting all the great people who work AWE and making sure everyone gets paid!

Jiean is a problem-solver and collaborator who loves to make other people’s jobs easier. Her background in finance and marketing provides her with an analytical and data-driven perspective while offering a creative viewpoint to evolving organizational cultures and organizations. She is inspired by maximizing efficiencies and loves improving processes, but her real passion is to develop, engage and motivate teams by building a culture of innovation, creativity and value. Before joining AWE, she spent many years as a consulting project manager, working with various Fortune 500 companies on new product launches, B2B initiatives and marketing campaigns.

Jiean earned her bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science from Wellesley College and has three beautiful kids. Lately, she spends her downtime doing yoga and driving to Arizona on the weekends to watch her youngest son play baseball. She enjoys reading self-help books, playing piano and has a secret passion for event planning and decorating.