Varian Medical Systems is in AWE!

Thank you, Varian Medical Systems, for supporting AWE's mission to create more diversity in corporate America. Together we can increase the number of women in corporate leadership and on boards to improve the global economy.

Since the 1950s Varian Medical Systems has been producing tools that harness the power of X-ray energy to benefit humankind. In recent decades, they have pioneered developments in the fields of radiotherapy, radiosurgery, X-ray tube technology, digital image detectors, cargo screening, and non-destructive testing. They have a robust product portfolio and long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading clinicians and manufacturers of industrial and medical imaging systems. As Varian continues to grow, their staff of over 6,500 people in 70 sales and support offices around the globe is developing innovative, cost-effective solutions that help make the world a healthier, more secure place.