AWE New York Afternoon Tea

paulcramerDate: Monday, May 11, 2015 Topic of Discussion: The Art of Negotiation 

Speaker: Paul Cramer

Trained at the Harvard Negotiation Project, Paul Cramer has worked as a negotiation and dispute resolution specialist since 1984. As such, he has advised individuals, corporate executives, diplomats and government officials, NGO leaders, labor representatives and others on the most appropriate strategy for complex, multi-party negotiations.

Paul co-leads Accenture’s Negotiation Center of Excellence (CoE). The CoE supports Accenture’s most complex transactions, works to enhance the negotiations acumen of Accenture executives, builds and disseminates tools, frameworks and other thought leadership, and advises senior management. The CoE teaches people the “art and science” of negotiations through the application of five core strategies built on the “Getting to Yes” interest-based approach.

As a negotiation specialist, Paul has been a partner with Professor Roger Fisher, author of Getting to YES and founder of the Harvard Negotiation Project and Conflict Management Inc. since 1988.

Before joining Conflict Management Inc., where he worked for 20+ years, Paul worked as a journalist for ABC News and Newsday. He graduated from Middlebury College and Harvard Law School.