AWE Challenge: Don’t Think or Hope, Just Do!

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By: Meiko Takayama, Founder and CEO of Advancing Women Executives

How often do you start a sentence with, "I think we should..." or "I hope we can..."? If you're like me, it happens more often than you realize.

Rather than thinking or hoping, just do. Catch yourself when you write or speak these words and start over by removing "think" or "hope". You will immediately sound, and most importantly feel, more confident.


OLD - "I think we should implement a new recruiting strategy."
NEW - "Let's implement a new recruiting strategy."

OLD - "I hope that our data analysis will show new market opportunities."
NEW - "The data analysis should show new market opportunities."

I think you should give it a try. Did you catch that? I meant - give it a try!


AWE Challenges are monthly action-oriented emails we send to executives in our AWE Leader Program to empower them to be better leaders. This was previously sent in August of 2014.