Member Testimonials from AWE Professional Branding Training Sessions

  AWE Professional Branding Training Session
AWE Professional Branding Training Session

We love AWE Leader feedback! Following are testimonials from recent AWE Professional Branding and Elevator Pitch training sessions:

“I really enjoyed the presentation and took lots of notes! I wish that we had more programming like this on a regular basis.” – CBS Interactive

“Motivated, Inspired and Renewed…is how I felt after the AWE training. While I have several questions still as I work on my brand, the base knowledge was key. I do plan to reach out to Meiko in the very near future.” – Bebe

“It was great to learn about conscious and subconscious ways we brand ourselves. It was helpful to be made aware of pitfalls and areas for improvement. I enjoyed it!” – Union Bank

To schedule a Professional Branding training session, please contact Andrea Quimby at

949-270-6479 or

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