Uma Jayaram, Managing Director and Principal Engineer, Intel Sports

Dr. Uma Jayaram, Advancing Women Executives Leader

Dr. Uma Jayaram, Advancing Women Executives Leader

Dr. Uma Jayaram is an experienced business leader and technology executive who has built and led significant transformations in technology, teams, and organizations. Recognized as a visionary and a builder, she has blazed a trail through corporations, startups, and academia. 

Currently, Uma is serving as Managing Director and Principal Engineer at Intel Sports.  Intel Sports is revolutionizing the field of sports with groundbreaking technologies that have been delivered to premier events and leagues including Winter Olympics 2018, NFL, NBA, NCAA, PGA, MLB, and LaLiga.  Some of the recent work being done by Uma’s teams include technologies that deliver live event virtual reality experiences to fans, integration of VR experiences with volumetric based capabilities, and the creation of a robust sports platform to enable media streaming and production using cloud and distributed solutions. Uma brings her deep experience in engineering design, VR, software fundamentals and agile organizations to the work she does as Managing Director and takes pride in the solution-centric and purpose-driven teams she has created and fostered.

Previously, Uma was the Co-Founder and COO of VOKE VR which was acquired by Intel in November 2016. A serial entrepreneur, she has been on the founding teams of two other technology companies. She started her career as a Professor at Washington State University and co-founded the VR lab that was well recognized for the seminal work done in virtual assembly, virtual prototyping, CAD, and AI-based Ontologies for design. She has published and lectured extensively in her areas of expertise. Uma considers each of her students as having shared part of her journey and over a dozen of them have been a part of the start-ups she co-founded. 

Uma is a big picture thinker who sets forth a vision and strategically empowers teams to bring it to life. She is known for her strong expertise in formulating strategic engineering initiatives in transformative domains, structuring winning teams with an innovation mindset, and delivering on high profile executions. Her teams combine intellectual rigor and disciplined execution and she fosters a strong employee-centric and humanistic culture where employees thrive. She is a passionate champion of women and has attracted many highly talented women engineers to her team. 

Uma was the first woman officially admitted to the Mechanical Engineering program at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. After earning her undergraduate degree, she went on to complete her Master’s degree at Virginia Tech working on hypersonic jet inlets, before going on to complete her Ph.D. in computer-aided design/interactive computer graphics and mathematical geometric surface modeling. 

Uma has been inducted as a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for her contributions to virtual reality and engineering and has also earned a “Lifetime Achievement” award by the International Society of Agile Manufacturing (ISAM).  She was recently honored as a distinguished alumna by Virginia Tech.