Photo of Rachel Kutz

Rachel Kutz

Vice President of Consumer Supply Chain & Global Logistics, AT&T

Rachel Kutz is the Vice President of Consumer Supply Chain & Global Logistics at AT&T. She is responsible for leading over 1100 diverse employees dedicated to innovative solutions that provide AT&T’s customers with connected products and services. In this role she assumes ownership for all of AT&T’s logistics, supplier quality control, planning, and replenishment of AT&T’s consumer and business products and equipment such as mobile devices, tablets, video, and broadband gateways. Rachel also maintains ownership of two critical enterprise-wide programs: supplier diversity and sustainability, responsibilities from her previous role as VP of Strategic Initiatives.  

As VP – Strategic Initiatives, Rachel set the overall supply chain strategy for purchasing operations and supply chain systems and tools to improve the efficiency of AT&T processes using data analytics and automation. She has prior experience in logistics support for consumer products from her prior role as AVP of Product Logistics and Quality where she led teams managing forward/reverse logistics and product quality. Rachel has also led teams responsible for managing supplier and product selection, pricing, inventory and supply planning, procurement, and quality control for AT&T consumer products. 

Rachel is an engaging, insightful and decisive leader who uses good communication skills to adapt to any situation. She joined AT&T as a wireless network radio frequency (RF) performance engineer and rapidly rose to Executive Director, Wireless Network of AT&T’s HQ market. In her progressive roles in AT&T’s wireless network organization, she successfully dealt with state and local governments resolving cell site zoning and RF spectrum issues. Rachel designed smarter cell site building plans that expanded networks and enabled local sales teams to more effectively market products and reduce customer churn.

Rachel has lived and worked in many markets and cities (Detroit, Chicago, Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada and Georgia), and has invaluable local and regional perspective, as well as adaptive problem-solving experience. 

Although she lives in Texas, Rachel calls Colorado home. She graduated from the University of Colorado – Boulder with a degree in Astrophysics (obviously to create better ski jumps through math and science) but cooking and tennis are the only things she loves as much as work.

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