Katy Latimer

Vice President for Product Development and Culinary Innovation, PepsiCo

Katy Latimer is the Vice President for Product Development and Culinary Innovation for PepsiCo’s Global Research and Development Team, located in Valhalla, NY. Katy joined PepsiCo in 1997 and currently leads the Global Product Development Department that brings new innovation to life from idea to launch across multiple brands in support of Cola, Lemon-Lime, Flavor, ..continue reading?

Amy Thompson

Chief People Officer, TOMS

As TOMS strives to impact as many lives and communities as possible through their One for One giving model, Amy Thompson works hard to ensure their employees are well taken care of. Amy joined TOMS as Chief People Officer in December 2012 and since then has been making an impact to the success and growth ..continue reading?

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