Amy Campbell

Chief Audit Officer at Caterpillar

Amy A. Campbell is the Chief Audit Officer for Caterpillar Inc.  She has worldwide responsibility for Caterpillar’s Internal Auditing Division. Amy joined Caterpillar in 1996 as an intern and has held accounting and finance leadership positions across many of the company’s divisions including; Global Information Systems, Product Development, Manufacturing Operations, Financial Services and Large Power ..continue reading?

Jenny Dearborn

Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President, SAP

Jenny Dearborn is the Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP. Jenny leads an internationally-acclaimed and award-winning team recognized as the #1 performing corporate learning department in the world by eLearning Magazine. As global Chief Learning Officer for the 67,000 employees at SAP, Jenny is accountable to design, align and drive SAP’s overall learning ..continue reading?

Jane Waxman

Executive Vice President, Deputy CFO, Fox Filmed Entertainment

Jane Waxman is Executive Vice President, Deputy CFO for Fox Filmed Entertainment where she is a key member of the Finance team and is responsible for shaping the organization and its goals. In her current role she provides financial leadership and guidance to over 250 employees in all finance divisions including theatrical production, theatrical distribution, ..continue reading?

Hilani Kerr

Managing Director, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Hilani Kerr is Managing Director and the global head of the Foreign Exchange Product Sales Specialists (FX PSS) group in Global Transaction Services (GTS) at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.  She is based in New York.   The FX PSS group works across the bank’s multiple lines of business, including Global Markets, Capital Markets, Corporate Banking, ..continue reading?

Debbie Hemker

Chief Operating Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Debbie Hemker is a Chief Operating Officer delivering high-level operations expertise to one of the largest integrated managed care consortiums in the United States, Kaiser Permanente. Debbie provides operational excellence, strategic initiatives to improve productivity and control costs, and a culture of change that moves from apathetic and reactive engagement to proactive management. Her game-changing ..continue reading?

Barbara Donaldson

Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities, Synopsys

Barbara Donaldson is Vice President of Real Estate and Facilities at Synopsys, a global leader in electronic design automation (EDA). Barbara joined Synopsys in 1995 and has held various positions of progressive responsibility within the real estate and facilities group. In her current role, Barbara manages a worldwide team with responsibility for more than 80 ..continue reading?

Katy Latimer

Vice President for Product Development and Culinary Innovation, PepsiCo

Katy Latimer is the Vice President for Product Development and Culinary Innovation for PepsiCo’s Global Research and Development Team, located in Valhalla, NY. Katy joined PepsiCo in 1997 and currently leads the Global Product Development Department that brings new innovation to life from idea to launch across multiple brands in support of Cola, Lemon-Lime, Flavor, ..continue reading?

Amy Thompson

Chief People Officer, TOMS

As TOMS strives to impact as many lives and communities as possible through their One for One giving model, Amy Thompson works hard to ensure their employees are well taken care of. Amy joined TOMS as Chief People Officer in December 2012 and since then has been making an impact to the success and growth ..continue reading?

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