Photo of Josh Aranoff

Josh Aranoff

Former Vice President of Global Ignite, Commercial Business, Salesforce

Josh Aranoff is Vice President of Global Ignite, Commercial Business at Salesforce’s applied innovation program, which guides customers in discovering how to create and deliver transformational change to their business and customers. A lifelong tinkerer, Josh brings more than 15 years of experience working with disruptive technologies.

As one of the first 200 employees, Josh’s Salesforce career has spanned many roles, but always with a constant focus on innovation. Josh was one of the founding Ignite team members – delivering the first iteration of the program framework and strategies to Fortune 500 companies. Prior to that, he spent over 10 years in various roles driving transformational programs, tools, and events, including: business development, consulting, product management, product marketing, and sales enablement. Josh began his career at Fort Point Partners as a consultant where he executed sales, marketing, and CRM strategies.

Josh holds a B.A. in Information Systems from University of Colorado Boulder. When he is not sparking innovation across the globe, Josh enjoys spending time with his family, building mobile apps, and participating in the Bay Area CrossFit community.

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