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Helen Sun

Former Vice President of Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Computing, Motorola Solutions

Helen Sun is Vice President Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Computing at Motorola Solutions. Her career in Information technology began as graduate assistant position during graduate school developing websites late 1990s. And by 2015, she joined the ranks of Executive IT leadership, by accepting a position as Vice President of Cloud Computing, Analytics, and Enterprise Architecture at Motorola Solutions Inc (MSI).

Prior to becoming a Vice President at MSI, Helen held senior leadership positions at some of the world’s most recognizable and important companies including Harbor Capital Advisors, New Edge Group, Oracle Corporation, and Salesforce. During her time at these organizations she has established herself as a thought leader in some of the most important areas of information technology including Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Enterprise Architecture.

Helen is also a frequent speaker on college campuses, speaking on information technology, providing a unique perspective to students and faculty.

Helen serves on an advisory board for the University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation, Bowling Green State University Computer Science Department, providing guidance and direction of information technology curriculum.

Helen is a frequent speaker at major conferences and symposiums, including Oracle Open World, The Hadoop Summit, and events by The Open Group on Enterprise Architecture. Helen was also keynote speaker The Open Group Big Data Conference 2012, Barcelona, Spain.

Helen has strived mentor and encourage women in all stages of her career. As a teacher in China, Helen instilled ambition in young women, many of who pursued advanced degrees, and now occupy leadership positions in organizations both inside and outside of China.

After joining Oracle Corporation, Helen established herself as a thought leader, and became the first woman to achieve “Oracle Enterprise Architect” status at Oracle Corporation. She was subsequently honored as “Oracle Enterprise Architect of the Year” for her contributions on critical projects. After this achievement, Helen mentored other women at Oracle, who also achieved this elite status. During her tenure at Oracle, Helen lead the development of Oracle Information Architecture Framework and Development Process, and published many white papers in Information Architecture, Big Data & Analytics, and Data Governance.

While at Salesforce, Helen was the head of global enterprise architecture team. She created an Enterprise Architecture framework, training, Go To Market strategy, certification process, and subsequently mentored several women through the process of achieving certification. Helen was also a champion of the Salesforce 30% initiative, which directed Salesforce leadership to ensure a minimum 30% participation level by women in all meetings and programs.

Helen was the featured speaker at the 2015 University of Chicago “Women in Analytics” symposium. Helen has also provided instruction to young women, introducing them to computer science and instructing them on programming, and opening their eyes to careers in these areas.

Helen is a published author on two highly rated technical titles for the Oracle-Press. Helen is one of the authors of the Oracle-Press title “The Big Data Handbook”. Helen served as lead author of the Oracle-Press title “Master Competitive Analytics with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery”. Her 3rd title named “Pro Salesforce Analytics Cloud” is scheduled to be published in Jan 2016. 

Helen holds a PhD for Education Technology and Information Systems from The University of Toledo.

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