Leader Profile

Beth Taska

Executive Vice President of Human Resources at 24 Hour Fitness

Beth Taska is Executive Vice President of Human resources at 24 Hour Fitness, with 23,000 employees, 450+ locations and 4 million members. She lead companies on all things people. Prior to her current position, she was Chief Human Resources Officer at Clearwire, a high-tech company in Seattle, and a senior human resources executive at Gap as well as Sears, in Supply Chain and Retail.  In all of these roles, her most significant contribution has been developing, coaching, and mentoring cultures and leaders; leaders who she defines as people who create a future that otherwise would not have occurred.  In other words, they actualize potential in themselves and others. 

Throughout her career she has created, taught and led others to teach experiential training for leadership development throughout the world.  These trainings focus in on the inherent power in leadership as a way of being, a power attainable for each of us, because we all have it.  And it is this:  you are a leader in how you are, not in the degrees you attain, the title on your door or the money in your accounts. 

Beth met her husband Robert in college over 25 years ago, when they were Peace Corps volunteers in Ecuador, assisting in small business development. They have one son, Benjamin.  

She holds an MPA with honors from Roosevelt University in Chicago and a B.A. in Political Science with honors from Northern Illinois University, where she graduated as valedictorian and magna cum laude.

The first time Beth flew on an airplane, she was 16 years old and on her way to Japan for a year. She bought her own ticket from babysitting money.  Against all odds, she was starting on an improbable and amazing life journey.

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