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Cindy Elkins joined Genentech in late 2007 as the Senior Director of IT Enterprise Applications and in March 2011 was promoted to Vice President and Head of IT Americas. At Genentech her team delivered at 100% transformation of all US Commercial Operations systems including 110 projects, $85m in savings, and the first iPhone app in Pharma with for 2,500 sales reps across North America. Across the US, Canada and Latin Americas, her team is now responsible for delivering 90%+ customer satisfaction via the Service Desks, providing Adoption Services to 36,000 people, and delivering/supporting all application, data and reporting solutions for Commercial Operations and gRED.

As a General Manager and VP of Supplier Solutions and Commerce Services at Ariba from 1999-2004, Cindy grew the Ariba Supplier Network from zero to 100,000+ suppliers in 18 months which created the largest transacting eCommerce supplier network in the world. While at Ariba she also created two innovative programs, “Supplier in a box” which was jointly developed/marketed with Microsoft, IBM and Cisco; and Ariba Ready which is a fee-based program providing suppliers access to Ariba Buyers based upon their proven ability to meet certain program criteria.

Prior to Ariba, Cindy was an IT leader at Digital Equipment Corporation, VeriFone, Aspect Telecommunications, and she was also the CTO at ATP.

Cindy graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and has her MBA from Santa Clara University.