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Traci DeMarco

Finance Manager, Consumer P&L Management, American Express, American Express

Thank you for talking to us today, Traci. Can you tell us about your current job title and responsibilities at American Express?
I’m the Manager in the U.S. Consumer P&L Management department. In this role, I provide detailed financial analysis on U.S. consumer metrics and P&L outcomes, help to prepare Quarterly Results, Plan, and Long Range Plan review materials to communicate business performance and provide senior management with financial data on key business drivers and trends to ensure we meet our short and longer term financial targets.

Did you always envision yourself doing this work? How did you stay focused on your goal or pivot when necessary?
Even though I had heard some mixed reviews about accounting,I thought I would like it so I worked in accounting for a few years. I never thought that finance would be for me, but when I looked into it and reached out to my network, I realized it’s a lot more than what you learn in school and that this was a career I would like to pursue. When I came to the conclusion I didn’t want to be in accounting any longer, I reached out to different companies and applied to those that fit my values. I couldn’t be happier where I landed.

What is your superpower?
I think my superpower is being able to anticipate others’ needs and act quickly on them. Working in Audit and also as a Chief of Staff at one point at Amex, it required a lot of organization and being able to know someone’s needs and what they’re going to ask before they ask. I think this is the biggest thing that has helped me in each of my roles.

How has being a part of AWE changed how you show up to work every day? What was your favorite session/training?
AWE has definitely made me more conscious of my self-doubt and taught me to be more confident in myself and my abilities. It was great talking with other women in different industries who have similar issues. Having the instructors help you work through some of those barriers was great. My favorite session was Confidence and Resilience.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we can’t find listed on your resume.
I swam in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia! I swam too far from the boat because I was following a huge turtle. I also regularly take dance classes. While dance was always a passion of mine, last year I pushed myself to take classes and learn different choreography and I love it!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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