Photo of Tammie Sisneros-Ulibarri

Tammie Sisneros-Ulibarri

Global Director, Product Service Operations, HP

Tammie Sisneros-Ulibarri is the Global Director of Product Service Operations at HP where she is a part of the team that supports multiple components of UC solutions in support of new product launches, new and strategic offers, internal, channel and customer-facing interactions. We are in AWE!


Thank you for talking to us today, Tammie. Did you always envision yourself working in this industry? How did you stay focused on your goal or pivot when necessary?

I have worked in the Telecom/Unified Communications/Video industry for over 20 years.  As the industry has changed to hybrid, video, and remote working I have continued to ensure I also continue to change and learn all I can about where the communication industry is moving.

Tell me about your team and the responsibilities that come with your role.  

The Global Service Offer Operations Team is focused on the development and growth of the Service Offer portfolio. Some of my responsibilities include Portfolio Offer Management and Operational Readiness, Sales Enablement, Revenue Growth and Profitability, Cross-Services Portfolio Integration, Project Management, Lifecycle support, and Business Process/Analysis.

Did you have any mentors or sponsors while rising through your career? Anyone you want to shout out?

My family are my biggest support and always encourage and cheer on my endeavors. Gloria Loredo and Nancy Kopp, two women leaders in the industry, helped advance my career. Women are far and few in this industry but all of the women I have worked with throughout my career have always been supportive and we have pushed each other forward.

How have you seen your industry change for women or other underrepresented groups since you started?

I continue to see more women and women of color in management and VP roles. But I still feel we have a long way to go.

What is your superpower?

Determination is one of my superpowers.  I came across this definition that I really like — determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles; firmness of purpose to get things done.

How has being a part of AWE changed how you show up to work every day? What was your favorite session/training?

When I start to doubt my ability to change or downplay my contributions, I remember my AWE training! I also have a team of women I can reach out to for support, to bounce ideas off of, and just to network.  All of the AWE sessions were great and I would highly recommend the sessions to all women.

What is your motivating force in business and in life? Has it changed throughout the years?

Again, I have to say my family has been a motivating force. I come from a very strong family of women who have been the single heads of household and have continued to grow and work in industries that were male dominated and succeeded. I cannot say enough about the examples that were set by grandmother, mother, and aunts that continue to inspire me.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we can’t find listed on your resume.

I’m a Bull Terrier mom, my dog’s name is Olive. I’m also a wooden stamp collector. I love dance and still take Zumba classes. Whenever I travel I try to find natural hot springs so I can relax and enjoy their natural beauty.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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