The 15 Best Things To Do in New York to Celebrate Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month! Looking for a way to celebrate? Grab your gals and head to one of AWE’s favorite New York events below.

1. Shady Lady at The Met

Multiple dates, Manhattan

Courtesans, royal mistresses, scandalous women of every sort—the walls of the Metropolitan Museum are lined with them, from ancient Greek hetaerae to Sargent’s Madame X. These women, famous not only for sex-appeal but also for their talents—and for a spirit which today we would call ‘entrepreneurial’— fascinated both their wealthy patrons and the artists who created the world’s great masterpieces. But who were they? How did they rise to their positions? And how did they maintain their prominence despite their scandalous reputations? To find out, join us as we explore the lives and loves that lie behind the paintings.

2. Strive, Survive & Thrive, A Women’s History Celebration

March 7th, Hoboken

As recently as the 1970’s women’s history was virtually an unknown topic. This year, on the eve of International Women’s Day, we’re kicking things off on the right foot, or shall we say, heel, preferably red stiletto. A unique gathering has been announced, appropriately titled, Strive, Survive and Thrive. It’s not a feminist event, it’s not a women’s only club, it’s a powerful invitation to bring your best friend, boyfriend, sister, mother and co-workers to unite to hear talks celebrating powerful women. Come with inquisition and leave with adrenaline and fire in your heart. In honor of this year’s speakers, panelists, attendees and activities, we celebrate the accomplishments of women who Strive, Survive & Thrive. From entrepreneurs, to working moms, to corporate executives, successful recovery stories and true artistic visions of your fellow sisters. You’ll even hear from local men about their support of inspirational women. SPEAKERS: Hear from thought-leaders in their teens to their 60s: Survival stories, entrepreneurial ventures, powerful campaigns that create change & more

3. International Women’s Day 2019: #BalanceforBetter

March 8th, Manhattan

Balance drives a better working world. Let’s all help create a #BalanceforBetter. Collective action and shared responsibility for driving a gender-balanced world is key. International Women’s Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women – while also marking a call to action for accelerating gender balance.

4. INT’L Women’s Day Screening: A Land Shaped by Women

March 8th, Manhattan

Iceland has been ranked first in gender equality by the U.N. nine years in a row and was the first country in the world to elect a female president. Tag along with world champion snowboarders Anne-Flore Marxer and Aline-Bock as they explore the unique surf, snow, and sky of Iceland, and enjoy inspiring conversations with the women they meet along the way.

5. Women’s History Month Free Screening: Pariah

March 10th, Queens

PARIAH tells the story of Alike, a 17-year-old African American in New York City embracing her identity as a lesbian. Women’s History Month screening. The 2019 Race and Immigration Film Series is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

6. Women’s History Month Caribbean Dinner Theatre

March 10th, Queens

DEMERARA GOLD is the story of a spirited, 7-year old Caribbean girl who is left in the care of her two grandmothers after her parents suddenly get visas to the U.S.A. One grandmother is a rigid recluse.  The other grandmother is a religious fanatic. The girl’s dreams are on hold until she gets a visa to join her parents in America. But first, she must survive in both grandmothers’ worlds. Ingrid taps into her wild spirit to break away and reunite with her parents in her new home in America only to find that her battle has just begun. You’ll laugh ’til you cry!

7. Statue of Liberty? Myths about the Lady in the Harbor

March 11th, Manhattan

Francesca Lidia Viano speaks about her new book, Sentinel: The Unlikely Origins of the Statue of Liberty. Few structures have become as iconic, for the city and nation, as the Statue of Liberty. Yet its own history remains obscure. In this new work, “the fullest account yet of the people and ideas that brought the lady of the harbor to life,” Viano, a Fellow at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, discusses the contradictory mix of ideologies and values behind it.

8. Women of the World Festival

March 12th-17th, Harlem

WOW Festival celebrates the power of women and girls from Harlem and around the world. At WOW, we’ll unite and explore a variety of issues that affect women across cultural and social boundaries. Stories will be shared, feelings vented, fun had, minds influenced and hearts expanded. The Apollo Theater is proud to be WOW’s New York home and its programming centers on issues and topics of interest to Women of Color.

9. Wycoff House Museum Family Day

March 16th, Brooklyn

The Wyckoff House Museum preserves, interprets, and operates New York City’s oldest building and the surrounding one-and-a-half acres of park. Through innovative educational and farm-based programs we build cultural and agricultural connections within our community, emphasizing immigration, family, food, and community through history. Share the traditional craft of weaving with family members of all ages at the Wyckoff House Museum’s March Family Day, featuring textile artist Iviva Olenick. We’ll be celebrating Women’s History Month by diving into weaving, an activity that was essential to life for the Wyckoff family and others in colonial New York. Learn how to prepare a loom, draw a design, and complete a colorful weaving in a fun shape! Families can also explore our colonial toys and games, scavenger hunts, and our beautiful house and grounds.

10. For People of Size: Understanding and Challenging Weight Stigma and its Consequences

March 16th, Manhattan

In this workshop we will explore way to honor the embodied trauma of being very large in our society and thus functioning as the “bad object” for others, using relational, embodied and cognitive strategies. Participants will learn about the impact of the social world on clinical work and the need to do the work of “mourning” in order to honor ourselves and our clients in the face of this traumatizing culture. We will focus on therapist’s countertransference when being near and treating very large women. We will also explore the experience of being a large-bodied therapist.

11. Generation Women Storytelling Night

March 20th, Manhattan

Generation Women blends a lively literary salon with the tradition of handing down wisdom from community elders. Our intimate monthly event showcases the hearts and minds of a wide variety of impressive women. All are welcome to join us.

12. Women’s History Month Roundtable Empower (Women Owned Small Business)

March 21st, Long Island City

Join us to celebrate the Women’s Month and learn how to start a business, how to get the 5% of the Federal government contracts, and the resources and assistance for Women Owned Small Business (WOSB).

13. Asser Levy Women’s History Month Art Exhibition and Opening Reception

March 29th, Manhattan

In honor of Women’s History Month, Asser Levy is highlighting various talented women artists across different art styles. These women have inspired and created incredible works of all types of art. Discover their stories and let them spark your imagination!

14. 10th Annual Women of the World Summit

April 10th-12th, Manhattan

Join us on April 10-12, 2019 for the 10th annual Women in the World summit — a convening of mighty women leaders, blazing activists and courageous movers and shakers who will move you with their provocative first-person storytelling and shake up your worldview. To mark 10 years of shaping opinions, setting agendas and introducing you to the next generation of female leaders, we’ll celebrate and share the stories of women on the front edge of change who have presided over this great awakening in the global women’s movement and are leading it into the next decade. Be there for an exhilarating three days at New York’s Lincoln Center for conversations with women who will not be silenced by censorship, patriarchy, or injustice — women who wake us all up and take down fake news. In a time of synced-up opinions and dubious viral headlines, get inspired by galvanizing women leaders on the Women in the World stage — live, unscripted, stoked and woke.

15. Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider: Why Does Patriarchy Persist?

May 5th, Manhattan at Mount Sinai

The election of an unabashedly patriarchal man as US President was a shock for many—despite decades of activism on gender inequalities and equal rights, how could it come to this? What is it about patriarchy that seems to make it so resilient and resistant to change? Undoubtedly it endures in part because some people benefit from the unequal advantages it confers. But is that enough to explain its stubborn persistence ?In their recently published and highly original book Why does patriarchy persist? Carol Gilligan and Naomi Snider argue that patriarchy persists, in part, because it serves psychological functions.

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